Dom Brooks
22 November

Department of Education & Training Case Study: Interactive Calculator

Case-study: Department of Education and Training 

Interactive Child Care Subsidy Estimator 

When: June - August - Initially phase deliver 2 weeks, then updates and revisions.

Dom Brooks
13 November

Data Viz on Twitter - Datalabs

The best people to follow on Twitter for #DataViz

We’ve gathered a list of 20 of our favourite data-viz people to follow on Twitter.

Twitter is a pretty magical place. And for those of us that love all things data visualisation, Twitter is even...

Data Viz Instagram

10 Data Viz Guys and Gals to Follow on Instagram

Want constant #inspo on your #insta? Follow these awesome data visualisers to keep you movitated.


Dom Brooks
26 October

Three Interactive Maps

Three Interactive Data Maps

Data-driven, Interactive & Animated

If you’ve ever spoken to onto the DL team about a project there’s a fair chance we’ve tried to get a map into it somewhere. We like maps. We like the way they can provide scale,...

Dom Brooks
20 October

101 Data Visualisation Resources

101 Data Visualisation Resources

Ideas, inspiration blogs, people, tools and more!

We've searched and searched to bring you 101 links to some of the best things in the data design and data visualisation world. Most are free (or freemium); all are...

Dom Brooks
16 October

Reports, Infographic and Dashboard Tips:

3 Alternatives To Using A Data Table

Stop using tables. Seriously, there are better ways to show data. Here are three:

Tableau Conference 2017

Find Out What’s On at Tableau Conference 2017

Welcome to the Tableau Conference 2017! Starting Monday, October 9, thousands of data people will gather at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to learn, collaborate and network on all things Tableau. 

Dom Brooks
05 October

Dashboard Design Pro Tips

3 Pro Tips for Great Dashboard Design

A strategic approach to visualising your data through dashboard systems for humans.

Here at Datalabs, we eagerly await the day computers gain sentience, become self-aware and begin using us meat sacks for...

Tableau vs Power BI

Tableau vs Power BI

Tableau vs Power BI

Tableau vs Power BI

Which Business Intelligence Dashboard is Best for You?

If you’re looking for a data visualisation or Business Intelligence (BI) tool, chances are you’ve come across Tableau and Power BI. While the products share many...

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