Digital Animated Map Case Study

A real, live example of an interactive map developed for International Women's Development Agency.

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International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA)


October 2016



As part of the 2016 digital annual report designed and developed by Datalabs, International Women’s Development Agency asked us to lift the microsite interactivity by creating a live map. This map would demonstrate the reach and locations of IWDA partnerships and coalitions throughout the world.


Interactive Map Flow

To present the full reach, a scroll-initiated animation was created to spread from the IWDA office and reach out to partners, women’s networks and coalitions across the world. Once the animation ceased, the map would retain the overall reach view, and reveal a legend of the different partnerships or organisation types. These colour coded categories formed ellipses on the map that contained a short bio, name and location of the organisations. As there were many addresses, and many of existed in close proximity, we used larger cities as the initial focus. This allows the user to click through on to the ellipses to delve deeper into the map data, and return by clicking on the white of the map.

The result:

IWDA's 2016 Digital Annual Report

An awesome map that combines animation and interactivity to engage the user, and contextualizing the data. But don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself!

We are very happy with the result, the map compliments the microsite extremely well and explains the impact of IWDA’s programs, research and partnerships from the community level, throughout the Asia Pacific region and across the world.” – The IWDA Team

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