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A business dashboard for reviewing risk

Our client offers vehicle fleet leasing and management, Australia-wide and internationally. Their solutions are time saving and cost effective, as well as providing the added comfort of taking away the hassle of large scale vehicle management.

Why Dashboards?

The client contacted Datalabs with a need to review changes in a potential loss of revenue, based on the results of the last 5 financial years. This allowed them to prove decreases in revenue loss, via trends and comparative filters. It was to be shared internally, to provide analysis and insight on previous years, and so that future revenue could benefit.

How We Designed Their Dashboard

The loss of revenue data required detailed visualization work. It existed in data-heavy reports, that lacked a visual style and focus on user experience. Often they were multiple reports, that required extensive breaking down to get to the core of the data. The data needed to be reflected in a format that that could provide fast comparison in potential areas of risk. A 9-eye dashboard was decided to be the most apt medium.

A whiteboard session was conducted, which allowed Datalabs to dissect the necessary insights ,and visualise in beautiful interactive charts. Our design focused on our methodology of simplification, amazing visuals and excellent user experience, that allows clear actions to be taken as a results of the information in the dashboards. The design process occurred in Adobe Illustrator, and the data development in HTML, JS and a CSS file, to be hosted on the client's intranet.

Chart Design Focus

Areas of focus for the chart:

  • Infringements Accumulated
  • Toll Costs
  • Driver Age
  • Vehicle Damages and Maintenance

Being able to provide fast insight to benchmark data can be invaluable to your future business practices.

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Go To The Dashboard

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