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8 Incredible Examples of Interactive Data Visualisation

A Curated List of Data Visualisation Ideas That Inspire Us

An interactive experience blows away legacy methods like Excel and Powerpoint, software which companies, non-profits and governments have relied on too long to communicate their data.

Interactive data visualisation is not just beautiful, it’s often the most engaging, memorable and effective communication tool you can choose. Why? Because allowing your audience to take their own journey through the data empowers them to educate themselves. They're more likely to stay engaged and more likely to remember what they've learned.

Interactive Data Visualisation Charts and Graphs Gallery Interactive data visualisation charts and graphs gallery

As leaps and bounds are made in software and web technologies, there is an ever-increasing number of applications for interactive data visualisation — from presenting research results to crafting executive presentations.

We’ve curated a list of gold-standard interactive data visualisations which we hope will inspire you to try it for yourself. May your data never be boring.

Interactive Annual Reports


Mailchimp's Annual Report microsites have been generating admiration on blogs and social media for years. They're often pointed to as a model for how to do Annual Reports. The reason? They're masters at interactive data visualisation. They don't try to hide the numbers out of fear of boring their audience, they show off their data with clever interactions and quirky imagery.

Interactive data visualisation example: Mailchimp's Annual Report


Interactive Visual Content for Media

The New Yorker

When New York City rolled out its bike-sharing program, the New Yorker used live data, provided by Citi Bike, to map where people rode in the city for one month. The interactive visualisation tells a fascinating story about how New Yorkers find new ways to navigate through the city as the month progresses.

Interactive data visualisation example: The New Yorker's visual content for media

Washington Post

Based on available data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Washington Post employed visual data analysis to create a rare snapshot of the concentration of confiscated weapons across the District County. In a city where gun violence regularly makes headlines, using data to tell this story has allowed the Post to cut through political rhetoric, and present the facts.

interactive data visualisation example: Washington Post's visual content for media


Interactive Executive Presentations

SAP Intouch Wall

The touchscreen wall installed in SAP's Executive Briefing Center has created an interactive and immersive meeting space. It allows executives to present a unique suite of case studies, customer stories and product data to each client, all from the one interface.

Interactive data visualisation example: SAP's executive presentation wall


Interactive Financial Data

Bloomberg: Industry Market Leaders

Powered by a massive database, Bloomberg's Industry Market Leaders tool is a great example of how interactive data visualisation helps users extract value from financial data. The tool allows users to compare industries and market leaders, as well as drill down into key figures like market share and sales growth.

interactive data visualisation example: Bloomberg finance data


Interactive Polling Data

The Lowy Institute Poll

The annual Lowy Institute Poll is the leading independent survey of Australian attitudes to the rest of the world.  The institute has designed an incredible interactive tool to visualise ten years of data on key polling results. Results can be viewed, filtered, selected and compared graphically, and exported to PDF for printing, dramatically increasing the public's access to important insights into Australian international policy.

Interactive data visualisation example: Lowy Institute polling results


Interactive Data-Driven Campaigns

Pulizter Centre

The Pulitzer Centre launched the Roads Kill project to raise public awareness of the fact that as the number of cars around the world increases, the number of traffic fatalities does too. With 1.24 million road deaths every year, their innovative interactive data visualisation helps engage and inform thousands of people about an issue we cannot afford to ignore.

Interactive data visualisation example: Pulitzer Centre's research results


These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Interactive data visualisations have the potential transform how you communicate data across the board. Here are just a few of the other possibilities for this powerful communication tool:

  • Sales Presentations
  • Training Modules
  • Product Collateral
  • Shareholder Presentations
  • Educational Content
  • Press Releases and PR Content

Interested in your own interactive Annual Report and microsites? Find out more.

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