Rachel Melisa
22 June

Can (or should) dashboards be used to tell stories? - Datalabs

"Those who tell stories rule society."  - Plato

In the past, the role of a data scientist or analyst is simple - to give the business data and present them in a visual way.  Executives are bombarded with data, dashboards filled with disjointed...

Rachel Melisa
07 June

Bridging the gap in dashboard development

The term "Big Data" has gained lots of attention in recent years.

Want to know what the sexiest job of the 21st century is? It’s Data Scientist (according to Harvard Business Review) - even though the term has only been around in the last...

Rachel Melisa
04 June

Vectors are Obviously Superior for Illustrated Campaigns

(Compared to pixels) 

Here is why.

When creating illustrations for campaigns, there are several points to be considered in terms of what format to use. Vectors and pixels are the most common formats. They both have their own uses and pros/cons,...

Rachel Melisa
22 May

Four Exciting New Tableau Features!

Introducing to you...Tableau 2018.1 

If you haven’t figured it out, we are OBSESSED with data visualisation, dashboarding, and data discovery. One of our favourite BI tools, Tableau, recently launched Tableau 2018.1, and we simply can’t wait to...

Rachel Melisa
15 May

Five Common Mistakes in Data Viz

The best way to learn is to make mistakes.

That still rings true in terms of designing data visualisation. Even the most experienced data viz designers make the most mundane mistakes! Here we highlight the top five mistakes made - done in a...

Rachel Melisa
08 May

Data Design Principles: Repetition, Alignment, Symmetry

We have come to the end of our Data Design Principles series. In this final post, let’s ask the most basic question - what exactly is data viz? (ha, rhyme intended)

Simply put, data visualisation compares multiple values and puts the information...

Announcing Oddtoe, Our Experiential Design Brand

Ever wish you could hire just one person for your all your topiary, robotics, sculpture, and projection art needs? Yea, we had the same wish. :) 

Rachel Melisa
30 April

Data Design Principles: Photography

In design, it is always good to be visual.

"Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than reading text."  - Mike Parkinson

Photography is indeed a universal language accepted and understood by a wide range of audience regardless of age and...

Rachel Melisa
17 April

Data Design Principles: Hierarchy

Looking at how we view design.

A good design is more than creative, it has to be strategic.

An experienced designer should have a decent understanding on the human eyes’ natural tendencies. Rather than seeing blocks of data, the eye generally...

Rachel Melisa
10 April

Data Design Principles: Colour

The Importance of Colour in Data Design

Let's talk about colour.

How important are colours in data visualisation design? A science and art unto itself, colours play a major part in how information is being conveyed and received by the human...

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