Data viz style guide.png

Learn why  a data visualisation style guide helps optimise your business and reporting. 

Style guides are not just to make sure you don't put the logo on an angle. They can be for data and analytics, too. 

Too long have the Tableau developers, finance analysts, and the comms team been left to their own reporting devices...

Want to use endless tables in the annual report? That's okay, I guess, but for the love of all that is holy, please make them consistent and legible. 

Feel that another pie chart is going to make your presentation go from good to great?

It might well do, but not if you've decided to 'jazz it up' with a fluro colour scheme...

And how many slices should you use in a pie chart? 

Ask your style guide. 

Brevity aside, style guides help those who aren't information designers or UI designers get the design of their reports right. Read why here... 


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